Culture Casbah

Culture Casbah is among many things about urban innovation and revitalizing of a residential area from the 1960s.

In Rosengård, Malmö, a dream of a tower gave inspiration to what we see in plans and programs today – Culture Casbah.

The public housing company MKB Fastighets AB and Törnrosen tower competition winners – architects Lundgaard & Tranberg A/S -is working closely together in the project which was the winner of Best Futura project mipim 2013.

The project is still in an early stage, the last necessary decisions still have to be made by the city of Malmö and the board of MKB Fastighets AB. Innovation and inspiration is what defines where we are spring 2014. Gathering good ideas, facilitating workshops with different perspectives and off course talking and dreaming.

Culture casbah