A visit to Copenhagen for cultural influence

In order to get our minds out of the box we decided to make a trip over the bridge to Copenhagen where the architects responsible for Culture Casbah is situated.

Participants came from MKB, the architects and different departements in the muncipality Malmö stad.

Skabelonloftet at Refshaleøen

In the old shipyards at Refshaleøen something new is happening. New use of old spaces in flexible and interesting ways. In Skabelonloftet you can find 18 studios used by artists, designers, journalists etc. It´s a mix of commercial and non-profit which gives a very exiting air.



Hovedbiblioteket and the café Democratic Coffee

This library and the café is used by many different groups, students, workers that holds a meeting, an office outside the office…


Over night when the Torvehallerne opened this area transformed. It is a lively and pulsating part of the city with it´s shops for food and groceries. 60 stalls in tha market serves 60 000 visitors a week.


Charlotte Ammundsens Plads

A democratic place in the city where one can skate, practice music, invite to workshops or just stop for a cup of tea.


Biblioteket i Nordvest

A multi functional library where the local democracy can grow and people can meet. The library is an extention to the former existing culture house. Here we found workshops, concert hall, meetingrooms, books and places to meet.


GAME København

A place to hang and where streetculture is nourished. Skate, parkour, dace, basketball. This flexible place can be used to what YOU want it to be.